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    A Tangled Tale - Lewis Carroll - Book Cover

    A Tangled Tale

    A Tangled Tale is a unique book that combines mathematics and literature. Written by Lewis Carroll, the renowned author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, this book presents a series of mathematical puzzles and problems, cleverly disguised as short stories. Recommended for: This book is perfect for those who enjoy mathematics, puzzles, and [...]

    Alice's Adventures in Wondderland - Lewis Carroll - Book Cover

    Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

    Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a children’s book written by the British author Lewis Carroll and first published in 1865. The book belongs to the literary fantasy genre. It is considered one of the most exceptional works in that genre. In 1871, Carroll published the sequel “Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice [...]

    Anne of Green Gables - Novel - Book Cover

    Anne of Green Gables

    Discover the enchanting world of Anne Shirley, an imaginative orphan who finds her place at Green Gables farm. Experience her journey through challenges and joys in Avonlea, set against the backdrop of beautiful Prince Edward Island. Captivating adaptations include films, series, musicals, and stage plays that bring Anne's story to life for [...]

    Grimm's Goblins - Brothers Grimms - Book Cover

    Grimm’s Goblins

    Regarded as one of the finest collections of fairy tales, Grimm’s Goblins was penned by the Brothers Grimm, Jacob, and Wilhelm. Originally known as Children’s and Household Tales, this renowned German fairy tale anthology first appeared in Berlin with its initial volume in 1812 and the second in 1815. Over time, the Brothers [...]

    Jack and Jill - Louisa May Alcott - Book Cover

    Jack and Jill

    Jack and Jill, is a children’s novel written by Louisa May Alcott in 1880. Initially appearing serially in Mary Mapes Dodge’s St. Nicholas Magazine, later Roberts Brothers published it. The tale tracks the ups and downs experienced by the children of Harmony Village throughout the year. Besides, the book focuses on the [...]

    My Father's Dragon - Ruth Stiles Gannett - Book Cover

    My Father’s Dragon

    My Father’s Dragon is a novel written by Ruth Stiles Gannett. The story tells the adventures of Elmer, a boy who flees to an island to rescue a baby dragon. This book is the first part of a trilogy, followed by Elmer and the Dragon and The Dragons of Blueland. Besides, the [...]

    Peter Pan - James M. Barrie - Book Cover

    Peter Pan

    Peter Pan; or Peter and Wendy or, the Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up stands as the most renowned creation of Scottish writer James Matthew Barrie. Initially staged as a play in 1904, it was later published as a novel in 1911, chronicling the fantastical escapades of Peter Pan in the Land of Neverland, [...]

    Pollyanna - Eleanor H. Porter - Book Cover


    Published in 1913, Pollyanna, a children’s book by American author Eleanor Hodgman Porter, became an instant success. The book’s popularity even added a new word to the English language dictionary: “Pollyanna,” which describes someone with an excessively optimistic outlook. In 1915, Porter published a sequel, Pollyanna Grows Up, which also enjoyed great [...]

    Sylvie and Bruno - Lewis Carroll - Book Cover

    Sylvie and Bruno

    Sylvie and Bruno is a fantasy novel by Lewis Carroll, published in 1889. The book is a unique blend of fantasy, humor, and social commentary, featuring a complex narrative that weaves together multiple storylines and characters. Recommended for: Readers who enjoy fantasy, humor, and social commentary will appreciate this book. It is [...]

    The Adventures of Tom Sawyer - Mark Twain - Book Cover

    The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

    The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, written by the famous American writer Mark Twain, was first published in 1876. This classic children’s book also appeals to many grown-up readers. It follows the escapades of a crafty young boy named Tom who lives in the fictional town of St. Petersburg along the Mississippi River [...]

    The Little White Bird - Book Cover

    The Little White Bird

    The Little White Bird by J.M. Barrie is a novel that introduces the character of Peter Pan. Set in London, the story follows an older bachelor named Captain W and his relationship with a young boy named David, the son of a woman named Mary. Although Peter Pan features prominently in parts [...]

    Through the Looking-Glass - Lewis Carroll - Book Cover

    Through the Looking-Glass

    Through the Looking-Glass is a classic fantasy novel that follows the adventures of Alice as she falls down a rabbit hole and enters a fantastical world, where logic and reality are turned upside down. Recommended for: Readers who enjoy fantasy, adventure, and classic literature, particularly those who appreciate wit, satire, and clever wordplay. [...]